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Maine Medic​al Directors Association

Help Us Improve The Healthcare Of Elderly Mainers

(207) 878-6564

(207) 878-6564

Highlighted Covid Material:

(207) 878-6564

LTC facility survey about Covid vaccinations and vaccination mandate 08/09/2021

2021  Testing recommendations are now  based on Maine cdc  with the one expectation of Q two weeks minimum testing for unvaccinated staff instead of monthly

MaineMDA Covid Testing Guidelines July 2020

Please see Maine CDC for 2021 guidelines 

MaineMDA Covid Outbreak Containment Protocol

Update 5/18/2020: We are out of swabs!


May 6, 2020

We have precured 5000 viral testing swabs (and medium) for Maine Nursing homes

Working with the MHCA and other collegues to distribute these swabs to Nursing homes and possibly Assisted livings arround the state

More Information in the coming days. Email us with questions.

MaineMDA Covid Survey May 5, 2020

Low Rate of Covid Testing

  • 39% of facilities haven't done any testing on residents 

Shortage of Viral Swabs

  • 30% of Maine Nursing Homes has ZERO swabs in their buildings
  • 60% of Facilities have seven of less viral swabs

The Bangor Daily News

The Portland Press Herald 

We couldn't present the data in the daily MaineCDC call on May 5, 2020, but two Major Papers in Maine covered the issue and shared the data with the public

May 11 2020 COVID survey updates: 

Respondents to survey are now 46

70% of facilities have 9 or less swabs in the building

26.6% of facilities have zero swabs in their buildings

21.4% had zero tests done in their facilities

50% of facilities did 0-3 tests

(207) 878-6564

Advocay Issue:

The need to Eliminate the DHHS rule that 

Mandates a Post-Mortem exam by Nursing Home providers 

before releasing bodies to funeral homes

(207) 878-6564

SNF instead of ED protocol 


Published April. 6, 2020

Advancing Geriatric Medicine Education in long term care in the state of Maine & Advocating for Geriatric Providers and their Patients

Want to know what's new in Geriatric Medicine?

The Maine Medical Directors Association in Biddeford holds an annual conference to educate long term care healthcare professionals in Portland, Maine about a variety of geriatric topics.

Feel free to get in touch with our team to register or to look up past topics from prior conferences.

Our organization is also happy to be a resource of nursing home medical directors, DONs, and administrators to help them implement best practices and tackle problems.

We are a standalone not for profit association, and we are proud to work with other organizations in the state to advance the cause of improved care for the elderly across our state.

Last but not least we advocate for Geriatric patients for better access to care and removing obstacles to improved quality of medical services.

Thanks for making our most recent Annual Conference a success!

Find lecture material here

Mark your calendars for August 7, 2020

Below is last year's brochure

MaineMDA most recent Annual Conference brochure

August 9, 2019 @Dimillos in ​Portland

Free for members

Registration for 2020 is not yet open

We will send out emails to announce it

Become A Member Now!

Join and support the organization and attend future conferences for free

Sponsor registration for 2020 is not yet open, but the conference date is 8/7/2020 if you would like to plan ahead.