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Maine Medic​al Directors Association

Help Us Improve the Elderly’s Quality of Life

Experience world-class care through our world-class doctors.

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Discover Helpful Resource Material from our Annual Conferences

(207) 878-6564

Lecture Materials From Our Annual Conferences

Explore and learn more about health care for older adults. 

The Maine Medical Directors Association holds an annual conference open for any professional interested to be a part of the betterment of the seniors’ lives in long term and post acute settings. You can see lecture handouts and material below. We endeavor to include audio of the lectures whenever possible but this is a new feature and we are still perfecting it. 

All talks have CMEs and CEUs when you attend our conference. We were asked by some members to add CMEs and CEUs for the online material as well and we are working on finding ways to do that.

2019 Annual Conference Lectures 

New SNF Payment System PDPM

MaineMDA 2019

*With Audio

Dementia Updates

MaineMDA 2019

*No audio-sorry!

MIPS updates for Geriatrics

Upload in progress-will be completed today

MaineMDA 2019

*With Audio

Contact us with any questions

Past Lecture Material

COPD and Sleep updates

Re-Introducing the new inhalers

MaineMDA 2018

Tick Born Illness

MaineMDA 2017